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Meet Rama Mogilipala, Our Culinary Inspiration

Our flavorful journey began in September 2021, driven by Rama Mogilipala's love for cooking and her desire to share delicious homemade meals with food enthusiasts like you.

At Maa Inti Bhojanam, we embrace the magic of homemade dishes, curated by Rama Mogilipala's culinary expertise. Inspired by Rama's dedication and her vision of offering diverse homely flavors, we've embarked on this delightful culinary adventure. Her passion for preparing delightful, homely meals forms the foundation of what we proudly present to you today. we take pride in sourcing natural, organic ingredients from local farms, reflecting our commitment to fresh, wholesome, and homely goodness in every dish. Explore our menu to savor the authentic flavors of tradition and purity.

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Experience culinary excellence with our expert chef, dedicated to crafting delightful meals for you.

Organic Food

Indulge in our range of dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients for a healthy and flavorful meal.

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Enjoy meticulously prepared meals, each dish perfected by our passionate team for your satisfaction.

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